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Airtrack P1

With the help of the specially designed blower produced by our factory, the airtrack p1 will quickly get into the inflation condition after you receive our product. The mat is made with the new material, which keeps the quality of the product. Our production technology can guarantee that the product is not easy to tear with a good sealing trait. The goods are light and easy to carry, store and place. Our mat is suitable for dance movement, sports, body fitness, and recreation. The air mat adopts a new type of fabric. After those treatments with relaxation, alkali quantity control, dying, anti-static, coating, etc., it has the advantage of lightweight, soft feel, good water resistance and durability. Our company is a factory outlet with low priced products. For big orders, we support customized service. Products' prices differ according to different specifications, which may have differences with the products you need. Please feel free to contact our customer service personnel to provide you with the accurate quotation and reference information.